Chrysocolla Pseudomorph after Azurite 4.65 Inch 90 Gram Specimen - Luputo, Dem. Rep. of Congo


Height: 76.71mm (3.02 in)

Width: 118.11mm (4.65 in)

Depth: 54.86mm (2.16 in)

Weight: 0.19 Lb / 90 grams

This incredibly unusual material was discovered a few years ago in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and was originally thought to be a Chrysocolla Pseudomorph after either Barite or Selenite. There was quite a bit of controversy over the makeup of the delicate crystal exterior, many experts believing for a time that it was comprised of Ajoite. It has since been determined that there is no Ajoite present, and that the Chrysocolla pseudomorph is actually after azurite and not Barite.
This particular specimen is of remarkable size, and possesses the striking beauty of this rare and unusual material. A true collectors' piece, with a fascinating history!

Origin is Luputo, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Sagitarius

Aligns chakras, dissolving energy blockages while controlling the energy flow allowing only for the necessary amount of required energy to be used. Aids in decision making while helping to eliminate any nagging worries or fears by simply asking for the evaporation of the hindering thoughts while holding the stone. A stone of truth, it can help one focus their intuitive energy in order to recover memories or experiences that must be acknowledged and released in order for the user to continue unimpeded on their healing path. Enhances the creative energy, lovingly guiding the user with ways to further ones talents.


Astro Sign: Gemini, Virgo and Taurus

Aids and strengthens communication dispels emotional heartache and enhances the capacity for love.

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