Chrome Diopside 1.66 inch 127 gram Natural Crystal Sphere - Russia


Weight: 0.28 Lb / 0.13 kg

Diameter: 1.6 in (40.64 mm)


SKU: DDL-057
A Chrome Diopside natural crystal sphere features crackling veins and a vibrant chrome green color deeply infusing the interior of the stone, giving it a sparkling radiance! A sure delight for any collector of rare and beautiful spheres!

Origin is Russia.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Virgo

The motto fo Diopside is "Let go and Feel!" It gives the user permission to let go and cry, yell or even scream if that is what is needed.  By allowing oneself to let go, the user asks for God and the Divine Universe to come in with loving, healing and healthful energy.

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