Brittlestar Starfish 7.inch 6 lb Fossil Specimen - Morocco


Height: 180.34mm (7.1 in)

Width: 190.5mm (7.5 in)

Depth: 93.98mm (3.7 in)

Weight: 6.64 Lb / 3.01 kg


Brittlestars, a type of Echinoderm, belong to a class called Ophiuroids. This specimen consists of a beautifully prepared and complete Brittlestar, with five waving arms and intricate textural details. This tiny life form, whose skeleton was slowly overtaken by minerals, serves as a window into an ancient, bygone era.

Origin is Morocco.
Shop other: Fossil

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Virgo

Fossils are said to be telepathic bridges of communication between present and past worls.  Useful for instilling excellence and quality within one's environment, it can assist one in heightening accomplishments in business, dispensing with old programming and helping one to be more open to innovative forces.  Treats physical disorders associated with the skeletal system, the hands and feet and with atrophy.  

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