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Blue Onyx 3.01 inch 1.42 lbs Natural Crystal Sphere - Argentina


Weight: 1.42 Lb / 0.64 kg

Diameter: 3.01 in (76.45 mm)


SKU: ZL-147B
This expertly polished Blue Onyx natural crystal sphere is a vivid deep blue color with gorgeous translucency, included with wispy white concentric rings of rock matrix stained with Iron. A beautiful sphere for any collection! Origin is Argentina.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Birthstone: August

Astro Sign: Leo

Onyx aids in alleviating grief, stimulating happiness and bringing good fortune.  It helps to enhance self-control and smart decision making.  Tune intuition while cleansing ones receptive powers in order to have a clearer connection to the universe.  Color of stone corresponds to chakra color. 

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