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Blue Aragonite 7.5 inch 4.5 lbs Natural Mineral Specimen - China


Height: 114.3mm (4.5 in)

Width: 190.5mm (7.5 in)

Depth: 152.4mm (6.0 in)

Weight: 4.5 Lb / 2.04 kg


SKU: TX-506
This vivid ice blue Aragonite specimen features thick branching crystals formed like icicles among a rolling rocky botryoidal bed.

Origin is China.

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Capricorn

Aids in the focusing and centering of ones energy especially during times of anger, stress, or while preparing to meditate. Helps one remain connected and in communication with the universe while dealing with the issues and obstacles of this plane. Enhances patience, direction and self discipline.

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