Barite over Fluorite 6 inch 3.5 lbs Natural Crystal Specimen- China


Height: 152.4mm (6 in)

Width: 76.2mm (3 in)

Depth: 50.8mm (2 in)

Weight: 2.4 Lb / 1.09 kg


SKU: GGX-099
Shop other: Barite

Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Aquarius

Barite is an excellent stone for use in the healing of the earth. It produces incentive to 'go for' ones dreams without restraint. It enhances friendship, harmony, and love, and can provide independence and motivation.


Astro Sign: Pisces and Capricorn

Fluorite promotes objectivity, stabilizes energy and provides a deep sense of comfort and tranquility.  The color of the stone resonates with the corresponding chakra.  

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