Azurite and Malachite 3 Inch 1.53lb Polished Crystal Sphere - Russia


Weight: 1.53 Lb

Diameter: 3 in


SKU: KKL-008

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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Sagitarius

Aligns chakras, dissolving energy blockages while controlling the energy flow allowing only for the necessary amount of required energy to be used. Aids in decision making while helping to eliminate any nagging worries or fears by simply asking for the evaporation of the hindering thoughts while holding the stone. A stone of truth, it can help one focus their intuitive energy in order to recover memories or experiences that must be acknowledged and released in order for the user to continue unimpeded on their healing path. Enhances the creative energy, lovingly guiding the user with ways to further ones talents.


Astro Sign: Sagitarius and Capricorn

This stone exhibits the properties of azurite and malachite individually as well as having additional healing properties. Aids in meditation, guiding the user to explore the innermost depths of the mind, without fear, breaking free from its restraints and experiencing a rebirth into the divine light and love of the universe. Assists in dispelling arrogance, conceit, vanity and fear, replacing it with a loving concoction to a higher state of being instead of the deceptive state of living via the ego.


Astro Sign: Capricorn and Scorpio

Malachite stimulates intuitive and instinctive reasoning.  It equalizes and balances, creating an unobstructed path that leads to a desired goal.  Malachite is known for its healing and clearing properties, especially for clearing the users field.  It is also a strong heart chakra stone, and has been used as a protective talisman in many traditions.  

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