Aurichalcite over Hemimorphite Natural Crystal Specimen - China


Height: 157.48mm (6.2 in)

Width: 139.95mm (5.51 in)

Depth: 88.14mm (3.47 in)

Weight: 2.6 Lb / 1.18 kg


SKU: AAX-052
This vibrant, electric blue crystal specimen is a combination of Hemimorphite and its even-less-well-known relative Aurichalcite. These relatively obscure minerals make an undeniable statement in this specimen, with their dazzling shimmer and show-stopping color.

Origin is China.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Hemimorphite aids in eliminating self-centeredness while maintaining self esteem.  It promotes self transformation and enhances creativity.

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