Apatite 3.4 inch 2.35 lbs Natural Crystal Polished Sphere - Madagascar


Weight: 2.35 Lb / 1.07 kg

Diameter: 3.4 in (86.36 mm)


SKU: UL-260
The color of this brilliant Apatite sphere is a thing to savor! A deep, rich bodega blue, not quite like the ocean or the sea or the sky, or really anything, except this perfectly polished Apatite sphere. One of a kind.

Origin is Madagascar.
Shop other: Apatite

Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Gemini, Pisces and Capricorn

Stimulates intellect while promoting the realization that ones true strength comes only through love and spirituality. Helps to dissolve negativity and balances the chakras. Awakens the inner self.

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