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Ajoite in Quartz 22.5 carat 14K Handcrafted Geometric Pendant


Height: 16.5mm (0.65 in)

Width: 25.8mm (1.02 in)

Depth: 6.8mm (0.27 in)

Weight: 22.5 carats / 4.5 grams


SKU: DDO-032
Densely saturated with vibrant blue Ajoite, this incredibly attractive gem stone has been cut and polished into a trapezoid, and captured in a bold handcrafted geometric setting. A truly unique and striking pendant, set in 14k solid gold!
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Aquarius, Virgo

Ajoite is a stone for the Self, bringing peace and harmony to the user.

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