Boulder Opal 6.11 inch 2.17 lbs Partial Polished Natural Gem Crystal Specimen - Australia

This exquisite specimen consists of a banded, rocky brown matrix framing a dazzling pocket of gemmy rainbow Opal. The Opal displays glittering fire in the form of multi-colored pinpoints of light. A beautiful specimen, with a fascinating aesthetic, and interesting juxtaposition of the rugged and the ephemeral.

Origin is Australia.
  • Height: 57.4mm (2.26 in)
  • Width: 155.19mm (6.11 in)
  • Depth: 74.93mm (2.95 in)
  • Weight: 2.17 Lb / 0.98kg
  • Yes No
Metaphysical Properties:
Birthstone: October
Astro Sign: Libra

Enhances creativity while providing inspiration and imagination. Stimulates the release of inhibitions and allows personal aspirations to surface. Represents and helps maintain love and loyalty.

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