Koroit Boulder Opal 6.25lb Opal Slab With Lucite Base - Australia

This partially polished slab of Koroit Opal has been mounted on a handsome lucite base, showing off magnificent numerous veins of precious Opal traversing through rich brown Ironstone and lighter tan rock matrix. Bright colors of aqua blue and violet purple Opal course through the rugged Ironstone in tiny rivulets that give the impression of one looking down on the earth from high above!

Origin is Australia.
  • Height: 233.68mm (9.2 in)
  • Width: 172.72mm (6.8 in)
  • Depth: 39.62mm (1.56 in)
  • Weight: 6.25 Lb / 2.83kg
  • Yes No
Metaphysical Properties:
Birthstone: October
Astro Sign: Libra

Enhances creativity while providing inspiration and imagination. Stimulates the release of inhibitions and allows personal aspirations to surface. Represents and helps maintain love and loyalty.

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