Enhydro Amethyst 11.0 inch 9.75lbs Natural Double Terminated Crystal - Brazil

This fascinating specimen is a massive, double-terminated Amethyst Enhydro crystal point featuring water within that is millions of years old! This oversized crystal point features light lavender tones and rock matrix inclusions on one side slowly giving way to a bright and clear Quartz crystal structure on it's other side. A gorgeous specimen sure to amaze any collector!

Origin is Brazil.
  • Height: 104.14mm (4.1 in)
  • Width: 279.4mm (11 in)
  • Depth: 127mm (5 in)
  • Weight: 9.75 Lb / 4.42kg
  • Yes No
Metaphysical Properties:
Birthstone: February
Astro Sign: Aquarius

Helps user achieve higher states of awareness by cutting through the illusion of this plane. Promotes healing, inspiration, divine love, and intuition. Has strong protective as well as calming qualities. Can help free the self from addictions.

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