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Sugilite with Kunzite and Moonstone 18K Handcrafted Gemstone Vessel Pendant


Height: 22.31mm (0.88 in)

Width: 46.8mm (1.84 in)

Depth: 15.77mm (0.62 in)

Weight: 131 carats / 26.2 grams


SKU: UO-126
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Amethyst and Rubelite Tourmaline 14k Handcrafted Vessel Pendant


Height: 31.51mm (1.24 in)

Width: 21.88mm (0.86 in)

Depth: 14.88mm (0.59 in)

Weight: 71.5 carats / 14.3 grams


SKU: JO-081
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Blue Chalcedony with Lemon Citrine and Emerald 14k Handcrafted Gemstone Vessel Pendant Dimensions


Height: 36.5mm (1.44 in)

Width: 16.3mm (0.64 in)

Depth: 16.3mm (0.64 in)

Weight: 27.29 carats / 5.46 grams


SKU: HHO-022
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Rose Quartz 51.46 carat with Amethyst Handcrafted Sterling Silver Vessel Pendant


Height: 25.4mm (1.0 in)

Width: 20.8mm (0.82 in)

Depth: 16.7mm (0.66 in)

Weight: 51.46 carats / 10.29 grams


SKU: HHO-064
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