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Carved Purple Jade Flower With Tsavorite Accent Handcrafted 14k Ring


Height: 28.78mm (1.13 in)

Width: 22.63mm (0.89 in)

Depth: 12mm (0.47 in)

Weight: 37.82 carats / 7.56 grams


SKU: HHO-151
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Tsavorite Garnet Floral Carving 14K Gold Handcrafted Earring Pair


Height: 391.16mm (15.40 in)

Width: 218.44mm (8.60 in)

Depth: 128.02mm (5.04 in)

Weight: 8.81 carats / 1.76 grams


SKU: CCO-368
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Turquoise 20.7ct Carved Drop with .47ct Tsavorite Garnet Handcrafted 14k Pendant


Height: 29.95mm (1.18 in)

Width: 12.92mm (0.51 in)

Depth: 5.39mm (0.21 in)

Weight: 20.7 carats / 4.14 grams


SKU: CCO-173
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