Amethyst 16.56 Carat Sterling Silver Handcrafted Natural Crystal Pendant

Stone Dimensions

Height: 36 mm

Width: 11.4 mm

Depth: 8.9 mm

Weight: 16.56 Carats


SKU: KKO-085
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Rose Quartz 51.46 Carat with Amethyst Handcrafted Sterling Silver Vessel Pendant


Height: 25.4mm (1 in)

Width: 20.8mm (0.82 in)

Depth: 16.7mm (0.66 in)

Weight: 51.46 carats / 10.29 grams

Measurements are for Rose Quartz, Amethyst cabochon is 12.79mm by 12.79mm and weighs 13.14 carats. Entire pendant hangs 2.75"

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SKU: HHO-064
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Chevron Amethyst Polished Crystal Sterling Silver Pendant

Exact specimen will vary, all listed dimensions are approximate.

Stone Dimensions

Height: ~40 mm 

Width: ~10.75 mm

Depth: ~9.7 mm


SKU: JJW-070
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Amethyst 21.89 Carat Handcrafted Sterling Silver Oval Pendant


Height: 23.4 mm

Width: 15.5 mm

Depth: 9.1 mm

Weight: 21.89 Carats

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SKU: KKO-010
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Amethyst 44.56 Carat Handcrafted Sterling Silver Kite Pendant


Height: 26.7 mm

Width: 26.7 mm

Depth: 12 mm

Weight: 44.56 Carats

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SKU: KKO-011
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Amethyst 53.76 Carat Marquise Cabochon Handcrafted Sterling Silver Swivel Pendant


Height: 36.4 mm

Width: 17.8 mm

Depth: 12.6 mm

Weight: 53.76 Carats

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SKU: KKO-009
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Amethyst 98.85 carat Geode Crystal Handcrafted Sterling Silver Pendant


Height: 31mm (1.22 in)

Width: 33mm (1.3 in)

Depth: 16.5mm (0.65 in)

Weight: 98.8 carats / 19.76 grams


SKU: HHO-146
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Amethyst Oval 48.45ct Cabochon Sterling Silver Handcrafted Pendant


Height: 1.19mm (0.05 in)

Width: 0.74mm (0.03 in)

Depth: 0.41mm (0.02 in)

Weight: 48.45 carats / 9.69 grams


SKU: DDO-144
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