Fire Agate 1.74 inch 85.5 gram Partial Polished Free Form Crystal Specimen - Mexico


Height: 44.2mm (1.74 in)

Width: 60.45mm (2.38 in)

Depth: 41.4mm (1.63 in)

Weight: 0.18 Lb / 0.08 kg


SKU: CCH-196
This partial polished botryoidal Fire Agate specimen displays vivid orange tones in the form of a fiery bubbling undercurrent emerging from the depths of a red-brown body. Fantastic!

Origin is Mexico.
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Metaphysical Properties:



Fire Agate

Astro Sign: Aries

Fire Agate is a protective stone that dispells fear.  It encourages one to desire only that which promotes the users highest interest, and facilitates positive action and personal progress.  

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