Garnierite "Green Moonstone" 5.1 Inch 1lb Polished Crystal Tower - Madagascar

This lovely material is often referred to as green moonstone, but is technically a mineral called garnierite and is part of the serpentine family. 


Height: 5.1 in

Width: 2 in

Depth: 1.8 in

Weight: 1 lbs


SKU: KKH-058
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Moonstone 2.1 in 91.3 gr Polished Crystal Shiva Lingam - India


Height: 33.02mm (1.3 in)

Width: 53.34mm (2.1 in)

Depth: 33.02mm (1.3 in)

Weight: 0.2 Lb / 0.09 kg


SKU: GGL-150
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