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Golden Pietersite 3.87 inch 3.05 lb Natural Crystal Sphere - South Africa


Weight: 3.05 Lb / 1.38 kg

Diameter: 3.87 in (98.3 mm)


SKU: CCL-032
This blazing, autumnal Pietersite sphere is a truly enthralling specimen. The mesmerizing Chatoyancy of Tigers Eye is coupled with the wild appeal of varied and turbulent patterns, creating the mineral variety known as Pietersite. Pietersite, defined as brecciated Tigers Eye, refers to Tigers Eye that has been metamorphosed by internal geological movement creating wonderfully varied and unpredictable patterns. More commonly found in shades of blue, this gold and red specimen is a truly fascinating find!

Origin is South Africa.
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Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Leo

Pietersite grounds the physical body with the etheric body and helps to dispel the illusion of the physical world, allowing the user to experience the perfect love of the divine.  Guides and supports the user when realizing the beauty of the soul while recognizing the divine light and love of the universe.  

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