Moonstone 16.41 Carat with Tanzanite and Sapphires 14k Handcrafted Gemstone Ring

Moonstone Dimensions

Height: 17.1 mm

Width: 12.5 mm

Depth: 8 mm

Weight: 16.41 Carats

Tanzanite and Sapphire Dimensions

Height: 5.8 mm

Width: 3.8 mm

Sapphire Total Weight: 1.2 Carats

Tanzanite Total Weight: 1.85 Carats


SKU: BBO-101
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Tanzanite 16.22 Carat Sterling Silver Handcrafted Ring


Height: 16.7 mm

Width: 10.9 mm

Depth: 8 mm

Weight: 16.22 Carats


SKU: KKO-003
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Clear Quartz 40.97 Carat with Tanzanite 14k Handcrafted Natural Crystal Pendant



Height: 49mm

Width: 10.2mm

Depth: 8.5mm

Weight: 40.97 Carats


Height: 9.6mm

Width: 10.8mm

Depth: 8mm

Weight: 12.17 Carats

Entire pendant is 79mm long

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SKU: KKO-025
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