Sphene 6.2 Inch 3.21lb Natural Crystal on Matrix - Minas Gerais, Brazil


Height: 6.2 in

Width: 5.9 in

Depth: 3.4 in

Weight: 3.21lbs

Specific location is the Jequitinhonha Valley in Minas Gerais, Brazil


SKU: KKX-052
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Sphene 8.44 Carat 18k Handcrafted Gemstone Ring

Stone Dimensions

Height: 13.5 mm

Width: 11 mm

Depth: 6.7 mm

Weight: 8.4 Carats


SKU: KKO-141
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Sphene 2.6 Carat Oval Faceted 14k Handcrafted Millgrain Bezel Gemstone Ring

Stone Dimensions

Height: 8.5 mm

Width: 7.6 mm

Depth: 4.7 mm

Weight: 2.6 Carats


SKU: KKO-103
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Amethyst 42.71 ct with Sphene 6.47 ct Handcrafted 14K Gemstone Vessel Pendant


Height of Vessel With Bail: 53.8 mm

Height of Vessel: 35.5 mm

Height of Amethyst: 22 mm

Width: 16.3 mm

Depth: 17.7 mm

Weight of Stones

Amethyst: 42.71 Carats

Sphene: 6.47 Carats

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SKU: JJO-170
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Sphene 6.64 Carat Square Faceted 14k Braided Band Handcrafted Gemstone Ring


Height: 10mm

Width: 10mm

Depth: 7.5

Weight: 6.64 / 1.3 grams


SKU: eeo-026
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