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Morganite 11.97mm 8.02ct Faceted Natural Gemstone - Brazil


Height: 10.0mm (0.39 in)

Width: 11.97mm (0.47 in)

Depth: 6.19mm (0.24 in)

Weight: 8.02 carats / 1.6 grams


SKU: 21-003
This delicate pink faceted oval is cut from Morganite, the often-peachy, always-pink variety of the mineral Beryl. This bright and feminine stone is a large size, ideal for a custom statement ring or as-is in your treasure box.

Origin is Brazil.
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Morganite assists in introducing and acting out love of one's life.  One of the highest vibration stones for opening the heart chakra.  

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