Sugilite Buddha Carving with Ruby 18K Handcrafted Hinged Altar Pendant


Height: 17.5mm (0.69 in)

Width: 12.5mm (0.49 in)

Depth: 8.2mm (0.32 in)

Weight: 7 carats / 1.4 grams


SKU: CCO-324
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Strawberry Quartz 25.5mm 31.71ct with Tsavorite Garnet and Ruby Handcrafted 18K Gemstone Vessel


Height: 58.42mm (2.3 in)

Width: 23.62mm (0.93 in)

Depth: 22.1mm (0.87 in)

Weight: 96 carats / 19.2 grams


SKU: GGO-104
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