Chrysoprase 24.43 mm 19.62 carats Oval Cabochon Sterling Silver Handcrafted Russian Bezel Ring


Height: 23.876mm (0.94 in)

Width: 14.224mm (0.56 in)

Depth: 8.2mm (0.32 in)

Weight: 19.62 carats / 3.92 grams


SKU: UO-159

With its glowing apple green color you can see why Chrysoprase is sometimes confused with Jade.

This handcrafted ring features a large hand cut Chrysoprase cabochon with ornate russian filigree bezel and textured band design. Simply beautiful!
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Metaphysical Properties:




Astro Sign: Libra

Aligns the chakras while balancing positive and negative energies. Promotes the ablility to love and aids in easing heartache.

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