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Ametrine 5.43 inch 0.76lbs Natural Crystal Specimen - Bolivia


Height: 137.92mm (5.43 in)

Width: 50.29mm (1.98 in)

Depth: 38.61mm (1.52 in)

Weight: 0.76 Lb / 0.34 kg


SKU: XX-342
This incredible Ametrine specimen combines violet Amethyst with a brilliant internal swath of golden Citrine. The captivating, labyrinthine surface of this unusual specimen was caused by etching from exposure to acidic groundwater during the formation of the crystal.

Origin is Bolivia.
Shop other: Ametrine

Metaphysical Properties:


  Solar Plexus


Astro Sign: Libra

Natural combination of amethyst and citrine and promotes the qualities of each. Releases emotional blockages, dispels negativity. Balances and stabilizes while providing spiritual insight.

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